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AdBitcoin Free Banner Exchange With or Without Website

Ad2Bitcoin Surfbar in Action
Ad2Bitcoin Surfbar in Action

I need to promote my links, but i prefer to use free service. Out there, so many site provide free advertising service, one kind of them is free banner exchange, but almost all of them need to place banner on website to exchange, so member must have website. How if i want banner exchange but don't want to place the banner code on my site?. I found an interesting site, that is AdBitcoin. I can do banner exchange without website, just install the surfbar. Banner will be rotated on surfbar.

How It Works?

Credit is needed to place banner advertisement. 1 credit = 1 impression. It mean if my banner showed up 1 time, it cost 1 credit.

With Website

Member's banners can be showed up on website. Credits will be earned if any other member's banner showed up on their site. For example, i will get credit if any banner showed up on my site. Just put the code on site to do this. Note that banner will be showed only when any visitor visits my site. So, few visitors = few credits, 0 visitor = 0 credit, more visitors = more credits.

Without Website

I prefer to use this. Just install the surfbar. If any banner showed up on that surfbar, then i get credit. The surfbar is 728px X 90px located on bottom corner on desktop. It located on right by default, but it can be set to located on right or left.

Free Credits Everyday

Everyday i login to account page and claim 1000 credits free. Login > click "My Account" > click "Faucet" > wait 15 seconds > click "Click here to Claim 1000 Credits" > wait till count down ends > click "Skip Ad", then my credits adds up 1000. Credits can also earned from banners that showed up on my installed surfbar or my website.

Buy Credits

Beside giving free credits, AdBitcoin also sell credits. If I need more credits, i can buy.

Earn Bitcoin Passively

I can earn satoshis when other member's banner showed on my installed surfbar or my website. So, not only i get free advertisement but also earn bitcoin passively.

Referral System

Credits and bitcoin also can be earned from referrals. If they get credits, i get some without reducing their. More active referrals = more credits and more bitcoin. Earn 10% of referrals traffic (Bitcoin + Banner Credits).

Why They Can Give Free Credits?. How They Earn Money?

They (AdBitcoin) earn money by selling credits and shows advertisements. Even they give free credits, they still earn money from showing advertisement page (1ink.cc) that showed after i click claim button and from popup ads that showed after i click skip button. In the advertisement page, they place banner codes from ads network. These banners will be showed when any visitor visits this advertisement page (1ink.cc), then they (AdBitcoin) get money.


Register here: https://ad2bitcoin.com/index.php?ref=Ruivlea


If earned Bitcoin reached the minimum withdrawal amount, it can be withdrawed.

Minimum: 0.0005 BTC
Fee: 0.00003 BTC

Article Created : 20 September 2019