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Earn Bitcoins by Visiting Sites via Bitter.io Extension

Looking for ways about how to earn bitcoins?. One of them is by using bitter.io extension. How it works?. Bitter.io get bitcoins from advertisers, you get bitcoins by visiting advertisers sites. If there is available sites to view, it will shows the number of total sites, so you will not miss on it and not get disturbing notification, because it only shows number.

Revenue Rate

Revenue rate is different based on your level and waiting time (duration when visiting). This is data on 24 April 2019.

Direct Revenue Rate. Screenshot on 24 April 2019 15:23 WIB

Bitter.io direct revenue rate screenshot on 24 April 2019 15:23 WIB

Referral Revenue Rate. Screenshot on 24 April 2019 15:23 WIB

Bitter.io referral revenue rate screenshot on 24 April 2019 15:23 WIB

Please note that they (Bitter.io) may change revenue rate. If you registered and already log in, you can check revenue rate by click the extension icon > click "Preferences" > click "Levels".

How to Get Levels

Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC

Withdrawal Proof

This is my withdrawal proof

WD 1

Amount : 0.00010015 BTC
Request : 2 April 2019
Received : 5 April 2019
Ruivlea's Bitter.io WD 1

How to Earn

First, you need to register. Please click on this link to register: http://bitter.io/?r=1185637. Scroll down, you will see text "Users, earn free Bitcoin in a second.". Enter your Bitcoin address in white box, then click "Get Bitcoins".

Then install the extension. After extension installed, you need to login by enter your email address then enter the code that sent via email.

Now you can start earning by visiting advertisers sites. Look at the bitter.io extension icon, it will shows number in blue box if any sites available to visits. If any, click the icon then click the site, site will be opened at new tab and timer start counting down in red box on extension icon, after time is 0, icon notification will shows "at", click the icon then enter the captcha text, please be careful! the captcha is case sensitive, after complete the captha, press enter or "Claim" button. 1 visit done. Your balance will increase. Now you can close the ads site opened then click the other site to visit them.

Withdraws, Notifications, Levels, Statistics, History, Referrals, Likes, and Ads can be accessed in "Preferences". To open Preferences, Click the extension icon > click "Preferences" >

Note:If you don't see any number of available ads to click on extension icon, you need to login.

Article Created : 24 April 2019