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Earn Bitcoins Passive Income Using CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser In Action
CryptoTab Browser In Action

If you looking easy ways how to get bitcoins passively, one of them is by using CryptoTab Browser. This is not ponzi. Because it will use available CPU that are not used to mine altcoin without make your computer lag. Members get paid in BTC. Use it as your daily browser to keep it mining at maximal way. It will keep mining when minimized, but slower than if it not minimized. Is CryptoTab scam?, No, CryptoTab Browser is not scam, they are paying. I have CryptoTab Browser withdrawal proof.

10 Levels Referral System

Get referrals as much as possible to grow your earning. You get % from your referrals without cut their earning. So, become referral to other people is not reduce your revenue. You can help increase your referrer revenue without cutting your own revenue.

CryptoTab Browser is Not Scam

Minimum withdrawal is 0.00001 BTC. For withdrawal proof, look my wd proof below.

My Withdrawal Proof

WD 4

Request Date : 3 May 2019
Amount : 0.00013369 BTC
Received Date : 15 Feb 2019
Ruivlea's 4th Withdrawal from CryptoTab Browser

WD 3

Request Date : 14 Feb 2019
Amount : 0.00108826 BTC
Received Date : 15 Feb 2019
Ruivlea's 3rd Withdrawal from CryptoTab Browser

WD 2

Request Date : 14 Sep 2018
Amount : 0.00051534 BTC
Received Date : 15 Sep 2018
Ruivlea's 2nd Withdrawal from CryptoTab Browser

WD 1

Request Date : 26 Jul 2018
Amount : 0.00053458 BTC
Received Date : 27 Jul 2018
Ruivlea's 1st Withdrawal from CryptoTab Browser

How To

  1. First, download CryptoTab Browser here: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/1642299
  2. Install it
  3. After installed, it will open. Extension page will be opened. To start mining, look at the blue bar at top left, if it set to "Off" you need make it on by click the "Max" button or set it as you like.
  4. Next, you need to sign in with your Google / Facebook / Twitter / VK account, you can choose one of them. This is important, because this is to make your balances safe. To sign in, click the three bar icon at top right. You will see the button there. So, you can sign in on other computer or multiple computer with one account and your balances will be synced

It will automatically start and mining at system start up.

Article Created : 12 May 2019