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Trying to Earn Money by Doing Small Jobs on Picoworkers

Picoworkers Small Jobs Page
Picoworkers Small Jobs Page

Picoworkers is place for earn small money by doing small jobs and ongoing jobs. Small jobs are like visiting sites, subscribe, like, follow, sign up. Reward is $0.02 - $0.2 per smalll jobs (on 27 June 2019). Ongoing jobs are jobs for less than one month and more than one month, for example youtube video uploads, write articles, Surveys, Email submits, quora and stackoverflow answer posting, yahoo answer, customer support, and many more. Reward is $0.15 - $35 for ongoing jobs (on 27 June 2019).

Small Jobs

What i tried in doing small jobs are visiting sites and subscribing youtube channel. For visiting sites, there is no standard time or standard timer for each page. So, it up to employer to make rule about it. For example need to visit on several pages then stay for a few seconds or minutes, then click on one or two ads then stay for a few seconds or minutes. Then the worker need to submit proof of work according what employer ask for example links that visited, and ads link. For subscribing youtube channel, employer ask for example watch a video for few minutes, like the video, subscribe the channel, click on bell icon, provide screenshot. But once again, all of the task and what to submit is up to employer. So, it may be different for each employer and tasks.

Ongoing Jobs

"For each Ongoing job you will be submitting tasks on regular basis", that they say on Ongoing jobs page. But, now i am only doing small jobs, not yet doing ongoing jobs. So i can't talk about it.

Referral System

They have referral system. We can earn 5% from each downline deposit and 5% from each task paid to downline.


Below is information from the withdrawal page.

$0.75 sign up bonus that will be get after sign up cannot be withdrawn, it only can to use to start new Small Jobs.

Minimum withdrawal is over $5 + fee

Withdrawal Method and Fee

Withdrawal Method Processing Fee
Ethereum 6.90%
Litecoin 5.40%
Paypal 5.45%

My Withdrawal Proof

WD 2

Submit Time : 23 September 2019 11:35 wib
Amount : $5.25
Receive Time : 23 September 2019 23:32 WIB
Ruivlea's 2nd Withdrawal from Picoworkers

WD 1

Submit Time : 4 September 2019 22:08 WIB
Amount : $5.81
Receive Time : 5 September 2019 04:02 WIB
Ruivlea's 1st Withdrawal from Picoworkers

Sign Up

After sign up you will get $0.75 of sign up bonus that can be used to start new Small Jobs. If you want to register, you can click here.

Article Created : 27 June 2019
Article Updated : 24 September 2019